Friday, March 18, 2011

Knitting Ninjas....

Not to be confused with the Knitting Zombies, or the Green Bay Knitting Contingency.... however, the Green Bay girls are the ones who I blame for my new hobby.

The Famous Green Bay Knitters! (photo courtesy of ME!)

Do I have time to knit? HELL TO THE NO!
However, it keeps me from being TOTALLY addicted to Facebook and it gives me something to do in waiting rooms all over the place instead of reading.
(The truth with the reading bit is I diagnosed myself with adult ADD and I SOOOOO cannot focus on a book with any kind of story line.)
The first positive thing about the knitting is that I can actually KNIT for more than five seconds without getting bored. MAJOR!!
The second thing that I didn't expect was that my 9 year loves to watch me and wants me to teach her! (not sure I am qualified to teach this just yet) She also wants to be the first one to use the washcloth that I am making.
Yes, people.... I am THAT exciting.(that's what she said)
I will post a photo of my washcloth SO FAR later today... ya know..... while I am decorating a wedding cake for 110 ppl..... which I will also post about because man.... I love me some cake.

HERE IS MY WASHCLOTH! Do NOT look too closely and my dropped/added stitches (look at me! talking like a freakin' knitter already!)

.... and what I made to keep my belly full....


  1. Whooohooo! One person (& soon to be two w.your 9yo) closer to world domination!

    Have fun! You'll be amazed at just how much knitting you can get done sitting in waiting rooms :)

  2. Ha! My word verification for my comment was hotingb (like Hot in Green Bay!) Really!

  3. welcome to the dark side, I'm so proud that we are slowly taking over the world, next year I should bring extra yarn and needles so more people can be converted.
    I knit in waiting rooms, it makes the waiting bearable

  4. You GO, girl!! Woooot!! I hear knitting shortens telomeres, TOO!!!

  5. Great pic! Now what I want to see is the pic of the washcloth! You know, if you can knit a washcloth you can knit a blanket. Or a scarf. Or a bunch of other stuff. Rock on!

  6. Me and my one needle (hook, crochet) feel so inadequate...

  7. Welcome back sister...I've been missing you xoxoxox

  8. Kell this is really me..the weird kids did the secret life of the water filled glove..OMG I better investagate CRAZY

  9. @Corey.... we will be knitting/crocheting ninja mamas.... I'll bring mine over next week. ;)
    @Robin..... i am sorry your kids hacked you gloves and filled them with water.
    @MightyIsis,I am ALLLLLLLL about shortening my telomeres, baby!!
    @Essie, blankets and scarves seem boring..... I like the strawberry bag pics you sent! :)
    @Sarah, I am all about aiding in world domination!
    @J., You crack me up!

  10. I'm with Corey. We're the Happy Hookers. But we can totally hang with the Stitch 'n Bitchers.

    I marvel at your fanciness.

  11. somehow my day of biking with Juan Carlos and repairing 2 bike chains pales in comparison with your fanciness.
    Love the 'nittin ninjas. Gonna go get me a pair of those fancy bamboo or wooden needles soon.
    How do you learn without those WI ninjas by your side at the pool in the sun?