Wednesday, March 9, 2011


OK..... so those of you who haven't known me for longer than a year, Hi.
Please forgive me as I have not blogged in a year! I am back! My brain is frazzled today as I am suffering from re-entry into real life after being away for 6 days with my Orlando Sisters. LOVE them to pieces!
I am thrilled to be home, though.
I am thrilled that the bananas I bought a week ago are still wrapped up and on my counter.... not a ONE missing. (Banana Bread anybody?)
I am thrilled at the idea of the 43 loads of laundry I need to start today.
I am thrilled that everyone that sees my henna tattoo thinks I spent the weekend at an Indian wedding.
I am thrilled that my family made a video diary while I was away so that I wouldn't miss anything.
I am thrilled that I did NOT get a real tattoo or body piercing while in Orlando.
I am thrilled that I will go out today and buy yarn and knitting needles and I will knit every Tuesday evening... even if I am alone. (but I won't be, really.)
I am thrilled that I was missed so much by my husband and kids.
I am thrilled that it's already Wednesday.
I hope this feeling will last!



  1. We are going to find a way to become Knitting Ninjas if it kills me. I just haven't told Jason yet. His head is already spinning right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round from some other stuff I laid on him last night. Welcome home! Really. I love Orlando.

  2. Yahooo I get to be your first follower!

    I am equally thrilled I did not get a real tattoo this weekend.

    A video diary- that is so sweet! My old man did nothing of the sort.

    My kids ate out every single day. The entire time I was gone they only needed to run the dishwasher one time. Really. Over 6 days.

  3. Kellie, I'm so impressed that you have a blog post up already!! Rock on, girl.

  4. Yes, Corey.... New Hampshire's Knitting Ninja's. Bring it!

  5. Loved meeting you. You are a pee-my-pants funny kind of girl. Love that about you. Thanks for keeping me in stitches.

  6. I am thrilled I got to meet you! I only wish I could have spent more time with your lovely, bubbly self.

  7. I am thrilled I got to meet you.
    I am thrilled I did not get a real tattoo.
    I am thrilled I got to hug you.
    I'm not thrilled we live so damn far away from each other.