Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So, I may, or may not make this a regular thing.  
You know how I roll, if you know me.... I get excited about projects for about 5 minutes and then "Ooooh!  Look!  Shiny!" 
and I am distracted for the next 18 months..... 
I have been inspired to resurface here.  
My "blog posts" as of lately are usually one-liners on Facebook on my page
 or my Kellie Foodstuff page. Lame? 
Yes.  But I am nearly 40 and "forty" and "lame" go together.
Updates: I am back in college, eager to finally complete a degree in Psychology.  
I have changed majors so many times, I may end up with a B.S. in Psych., with Minors in Family Studies, Baking, Cake Decorating, Ministry, Accounting, Radiology and Human Anatomy.  
HOPEFULLY, this time next year, I will be done.
I have resigned from my 5 year stint as Minister to High School Youth at St. Paul's Church, Concord in order to focus more on school and the family.
Kaleigh has moved out! 
She moved an entire 1.5 miles away so we actually see her more now
 than we did when she actually "lived" here. 
Kara is back competing in Gymnastics!  YAY!  
Philip is still in college! YAY!
Ben is still in Crew! YAY!
Sara is still my baby! YAY!
Ginger is my shadow! YAY! 
Tomorrow is another day and it's time to make dinner....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the wedding cake.....

IT'S WEDNESDAY?! How did THAT happen? (please do not answer that..... it's rhetorical)

I have been up to my eyeballs in WEDDING CAKE! My sweet sister (in-law) married a Red Sox fan, (THANK GOD), this past weekend! (He is also a NY Giants fan but we don't talk about that) It was a great ceremony and reception! One of my tasks, besides prepping my three girls to be IN the wedding party, and getting suits on my UN-willing teen boys, was to make the cake. I tried to talk them into super chocolate, with chocolate frosting and chocolate on top...... no go. The cake WAS double fudge with chocolate chips with a butter cream frosting. OH MY GOSH! I do NOT toot my own horn about my cakes much but man oh man.... it tasted sooooooooooooooooooooo good. YAY ME!

I am now focusing on making candies for Easter and a couple of cakes for this weekend. Pictures to come, I swear!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Knitting Ninjas....

Not to be confused with the Knitting Zombies, or the Green Bay Knitting Contingency.... however, the Green Bay girls are the ones who I blame for my new hobby.

The Famous Green Bay Knitters! (photo courtesy of ME!)

Do I have time to knit? HELL TO THE NO!
However, it keeps me from being TOTALLY addicted to Facebook and it gives me something to do in waiting rooms all over the place instead of reading.
(The truth with the reading bit is I diagnosed myself with adult ADD and I SOOOOO cannot focus on a book with any kind of story line.)
The first positive thing about the knitting is that I can actually KNIT for more than five seconds without getting bored. MAJOR!!
The second thing that I didn't expect was that my 9 year loves to watch me and wants me to teach her! (not sure I am qualified to teach this just yet) She also wants to be the first one to use the washcloth that I am making.
Yes, people.... I am THAT exciting.(that's what she said)
I will post a photo of my washcloth SO FAR later today... ya know..... while I am decorating a wedding cake for 110 ppl..... which I will also post about because man.... I love me some cake.

HERE IS MY WASHCLOTH! Do NOT look too closely and my dropped/added stitches (look at me! talking like a freakin' knitter already!)

.... and what I made to keep my belly full....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


OK..... so those of you who haven't known me for longer than a year, Hi.
Please forgive me as I have not blogged in a year! I am back! My brain is frazzled today as I am suffering from re-entry into real life after being away for 6 days with my Orlando Sisters. LOVE them to pieces!
I am thrilled to be home, though.
I am thrilled that the bananas I bought a week ago are still wrapped up and on my counter.... not a ONE missing. (Banana Bread anybody?)
I am thrilled at the idea of the 43 loads of laundry I need to start today.
I am thrilled that everyone that sees my henna tattoo thinks I spent the weekend at an Indian wedding.
I am thrilled that my family made a video diary while I was away so that I wouldn't miss anything.
I am thrilled that I did NOT get a real tattoo or body piercing while in Orlando.
I am thrilled that I will go out today and buy yarn and knitting needles and I will knit every Tuesday evening... even if I am alone. (but I won't be, really.)
I am thrilled that I was missed so much by my husband and kids.
I am thrilled that it's already Wednesday.
I hope this feeling will last!